Insist on inspiring people with vision and goals, cultivating people with the platform of career development, retaining people with emotion and treatment, and encouraging talents to constantly transcend themselves and step onto a broader stage.

Human resources objectives

Adhere to the concept of "people-oriented" enterprise development, attract, train and retain high-level talents closely related to the business industry, and build a team of elite talents with reasonable configuration and optimized structure; Form effective macro and micro human resource development and management capabilities, and form humanized and efficient management of employees at all levels; Continuously improve and innovate the salary and welfare system, adapt to the brand and scale of the enterprise, protect reasonable mobility, provide a solid guarantee for stabilizing the backbone staff, build a "learning organization" staff growth mechanism, and effectively promote the common development of employees and the enterprise.

Through the effective implementation of talent introduction strategy, management promotion strategy, compensation and welfare strategy and employer brand strategy, create an ecological environment for talent career development that "work in Tonglida, learn in Tonglida, become a talent in Tonglida, develop in Tonglida, dedicate in Tonglida, and succeed in Tonglida".


Human resource mechanism based on humanism

Tonglida regards talents as the most important wealth of the enterprise and the driving force for the long-term development of the enterprise. By establishing a talent cultivation mechanism for echelon selection, a fair and scientific performance evaluation mechanism, a classified and systematic training mechanism, and a reasonable and rich welfare distribution mechanism, Tonglida builds a long-term win-win community of interests between the enterprise and its employees to achieve the common growth of the enterprise and its employees.


The company is committed to the design, manufacturing, construction and operation of water supply, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse and zero discharge in the metallurgical and chemical industries

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