Household combined purification tank

(1) Black ash water treatment can be combined, highly integrated, and the implementation cycle is short. (2) Peak cutting transfer device is set to adapt to the instantaneous water impact of intermittent water inflow in rural areas.
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Ground represents purification cabinet

The product integrates biological purification, efficient sedimentation, disinfection and clarification, and the effluent can meet the Class I B standard for urban or local drainage and the rural reuse and discharge standard.
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Centralized sewage treatment equipment - MSAF process

MSAF multi-stage biological filter bed technology Our company introduced Japanese technology and developed it according to the characteristics of the domestic township and rural sewage market. It can be customized according to different user needs. Through functional modular combination, we can achieve intelligent, low consumption, durable and easy to maintain sewage treatment products.
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Centralized sewage treatment equipment - integrated container

At present, our company's centralized sewage treatment mainly adopts carbon steel container type or PPH material, with a daily treatment capacity of 10-200 tons, and is installed underground or above ground.
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Centralized sewage treatment equipment - PPH winding type

Qinhuangdao Tonglida Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. cooperates with Asahi Company of Japan to jointly develop sewage treatment equipment made of PPH based on Asahi sewage treatment technology. The developed equipment can achieve a daily treatment capacity of 10-200 tons.
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Food waste recycling equipment

The food waste treatment equipment adopts a frame assembly structure. The whole machine is composed of such functional parts as automatic lifting, sorting, crushing, extruding, transportation, biodegradation, and intelligent Internet of Things, which can be used to dispose the food waste generated daily at the source.
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The company is committed to the design, manufacturing, construction and operation of water supply, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse and zero discharge in the metallurgical and chemical industries

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