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Ground represents purification cabinet


Rural sewage equipment

Product features

The product integrates biological purification, efficient sedimentation, disinfection and clarification, and the effluent can meet the Class I B standard for urban or local drainage and the rural reuse and discharge standard.

Product details

Product features:

(1) Peak cutting transfer device is set to avoid water impact during sequential batch operation.

(2) Multi mode operation against water quantity and water quality changes; Regular spot check is not required.

(3) The unique three-dimensional circulating water flow pattern makes the mass transfer more efficient.

(4) Micro power operation, saving energy consumption; Refrigerator level mute, environment friendly.

(5) Micro ecological food chain and denitrification and decarbonization technology result in extremely low excess sludge output.

(6) Biological stability, strong resistance to low temperature, low load and other environmental changes.

(7) The main body has a service life of more than 10 years, and the ground is equipped with a freezer type insulation design.





TGB product specification (freezer type)


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sludge Purification cabinet

Product Message


The company is committed to the design, manufacturing, construction and operation of water supply, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse and zero discharge in the metallurgical and chemical industries

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