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Household combined purification tank


Rural sewage equipment

Product features

(1) Black ash water treatment can be combined, highly integrated, and the implementation cycle is short. (2) Peak cutting transfer device is set to adapt to the instantaneous water impact of intermittent water inflow in rural areas.

Product details


  The combined purification tank can treat all domestic sewage or similar sewage from kitchen, bath, laundry, etc., including fecal sewage. It has good application prospects in improving the rural environment in China, building ecological villages and towns, beautiful villages, protecting and restoring the natural landscape and pastoral landscape, carrying out the renovation of farmers and courtyards, greening and beautifying villages, promoting the comprehensive management of rural rivers throughout the township and village, and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of leisure agriculture.




Product specifications


key word:

sewage disposal purify effluent

Product Message


The company is committed to the design, manufacturing, construction and operation of water supply, sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse and zero discharge in the metallurgical and chemical industries

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